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Shelley Sander-Bain

Born in Seiling, OK

Lives & works in Rockville, MD


My work is my way of expressing myself through paint, canvas, ink, and paper. Sometimes I even manage to get some of the paint and ink on the paper or canvas and not all of it on me!

I create art because I must - My art reveals to the world the many sides of me.  I wasn't always an artist - at least I haven't always believed myself to be an artist, but I have always felt a passionate desire to create.  So now I create.

As I've grown and matured, both as a person and as an artist, I have begun to create quite a lot.  Some of my work is quickly covered with layers of new paint.  Some of my work languishes in the corner of my studio waiting for me to decide if it's worth putting more of me into it.  Some of my work is just waiting for me to let it go!

But, some of my work, I share with you in the hopes that you might take a little of the joy that I have discovered in the creation of my work and share that joy broadly with others. 


Please take a moment to browse through my work. I'd love to hear your thoughts, so feel free  send me a message.


Please do respect my work and note that all of my work is copyright by Shelley Bain, All Rights Reserved as per US and International Copyright laws.

Prints of some of my work is available on Fine Art America. 

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